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In 1995, the World Health Organization (WHO) created an extra-governmental organization, the Extra-Natural Activity Counter System (Encounters). The purpose of this body is to investigate phenomena that cannot be explained with existing scientific knowledge (which Encounter refers to as "extra-natural activities"), research how they may affect the health of humans and how the risk of future occurrences can be managed, and plan measures to combat these phenomena.

To date, there have been hundreds of extra-natural cases reported--including spontaneous combustion, abduction by aliens, the sudden appearance of stigmata, the springing of fountains at sightings of the Holy Mary such as Fatima and Lourdes, and the emergence of ectoplasm. However, the organization has yet to come to a concrete conclusion regarding any of these phenomena.
The organization's headquarters is located in The Hague, The Netherlands. It has 20 branches across the world, of which the largest is the Japan branch. This branch serves as the setting for the psychic-horror comic book, "Encounters."

Sakuya Konohana

Nozomu Enjo

Okura Yamanoue
Due to her congenital inability to feel pain or sweat, she has spent very little time outside of Encounter and so has retained a pure, innocent mind. However, because she's unaware of many of the things we call common sense, she also has the ability to look at things from a fresh perspective. After discovering that Enjo is her polar helix, she begins accompanying him and Okura. The main character of the story, his central philosophy is to live as normally as possible. Since being abducted by aliens when he was 5, he's possessed powerful electromagnetic properties. Enjo was initially the subject of investigations by Encounter, but eventually ends up joining the organization after meeting Okura and Konohana, to find the answers to the mystery behind his abilities. Born in Mongolia, he spent his childhood in Ulaanbaatar as a manhole child, one of many street children in the country who shelter themselves in manholes, until he was abducted by aliens. Following the incident, he was sent to Japan through Encounter. He has the ability to seek out people who've been abducted by aliens.

Phenomenon01: The aging incident
The first case that the three get involved in. On the way to Encounter after being summoned there for a job, the teens witness the bizarre phenomenon of the occupants of a subway train spontaneously aging. But several hours later, all the victims have been completely cured. This, it will turn out, is only the beginning of an even larger case.

Phenomenon02: The disappearing body
As the three enter the hospital where the victims of the aging incident were treated, they catch a girl with fish scales all over her body being hospitalized. It turns out this girl suddenly disappeared while swimming in a local pool and reappeared 3 hours later at a nearby park. However, when she comes to, she's lost all memory of the incident. The high school trio suspects this has something to do with their investigation.

Phenomenon03: Spontaneous combustion
Strange incidents start happening all over town. One man spontaneously combusts, while a wolf at a zoo dies under mysterious circumstances. Finally, children start disappearing one after another. When the high school trio visits the home of a woman they suspect was a witness to the aging incident, they finally start getting closer to the truth of the matter. But at that moment, Konohana is abducted by a mysterious being, prompting Enjo and Okura to go on a frantic chase in a bid to rescue her...

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