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Web-based productions Konohana Sakuya have worked on

In 1996, established Hanamaru Weekly, the world's first Web site to provide manga in nine languages: Japanese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Dutch and Swedish. The site now has over a million hits a month.

The history of Konohana Sakuya and cybermanga (a new style of manga art designed specifically to be enjoyed using digital devices)

1996: Began production on next generation, Web-based manga using the latest digital technology.

1999: Published "Hanamaru Angels" over the Net, before any other medium.

2001: Selected as an exemplar business for Web content production by the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry-funded Digital Contents Association of Japan. Began producing manga meant to be browsed over the Internet, and named this genre "cybermanga."

2003: Awarded 1st Digital Manga Award, sponsored by weekly Shonen Jump magazine.
Awarded MacFan Digital Manga Award, sponsored by Mainichi Communications.
Nominated for DCAJ-sponsored award for business that helped the most in developing breakthrough technology for producing high-quality Web content.
"Encounter" was selected as jury's choice for the Manga Category, while "Lost Alias: Dungun" and "GuruGuru 4-Koma Noroi no Yakata: Hyaku Monogatari" were selected as jury's choice for the Entertainment Category at the Cultural Agency's Media Arts Festival Awards for fiscal 2003.

2004-Present: Publishing the serial digital manga "Lost Alias: Dungun" on the weekly Shonen Jump magazine Web site, Pop Web Jump.

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